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Friday, July 21, 2006

I Miss Nguata Francis

Just in case you weren’t born ‘back in the days’, he’s the guy who used to do the Weather Forecast on VoK and later KBC. In his days, the weather never got as cold and erratic as it does today. If you missed his weather report, all you had to do was take a look outside your window in the morning and know what to wear. You could also afford to take a shower at 6 in the morning and your body would be just fine.

But these are the days of the beautiful Peninah Karibe; the days days of ‘hata mukisema, siogi!’ The cold!

Last night, Peninah talked about the clouds giving way to sunshine today. This morning, the sun had obediently gathered enough psyche to peep through the clouds. That’s why many Kenyans like me left home in a T-shirt.

Halfway through the day, it’s raining cats, dogs, pigs, chicken… And I can almost guarantee you it will be sunny by 4pm. If this goes on, the sun might just decide to set at 3pm one of these fine days. And unless you’re reading this from Reykjavik, this isn’t normal.

Peninah, talk to your guys at the met dept and see if they can be a bit more serious with their forecasts.


Anonymous acolyte said...

You are not the only one talking smack about the inept Kenya met.I heard other complaints on the news.Seems those peeps need to style up asap!Gotta miss those good old presenters!

4:22 pm  
Blogger Fadzter said...

I really miss those sticky clouds he used to play around with, I remember they uses to fascinate me as a kid… the weather forecast was like a science lesson back then... low pressure here, currents flowing there, some humidity, etc etc...
Now, it's just a list of towns/cities and with an extremely wide range of expected temperature highs and lows (~20deg difference buffer just in case) ...and they still get it wrong... bleh :)

6:08 pm  
Blogger Archer said...

I love the way he would start off with so much syke: "GOOD evening, MY name IS NguaAATAAH FRAAANcis! and this is THE weaTHAAA FOOOREcast!" A true clown that one. What about Wandimi Muchemi aka "mvua ya rasharasha?" They never quite got the forecast right but we loved them none the less.

2:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i seriously think miss nguata is quite very pretty and likeable she is also very passionate about the weather just like mr nguatta we needede a seal for the gap

5:19 am  

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