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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heart of Fire

Every so often, a movie comes along to show us just what we are capable of as a country.

Heart of Fire does that and more.

It is the story of Awet, a girl who will pull you into her life and make you see the Ethiopia - Eritrean war from her beautiful eyes.

Congrats to the Film Studios and Pontact crew for a brilliant picture.

Heart of Fire was shot in Turkana and predominantly featured a cast with no acting experience.

Oscar will definitely get warmed by this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This movie sounds interesting, while the perception of the effects of the conflicts in that region are displayed from what seems to be a single angle, it would be see the life outside the "box". When and where is this moving being released?

8:20 am  
Blogger Misha Somerville said...

I've just been to see this film as part of the Glasgow Film Festival in Scotland. It's excellent. Any ideas where I could buy a dvd?

5:47 pm  

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