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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year... Not!

The characteristic fireworks that light up Nairobi as we usher in every New Year have been given an unwelcome 365-day reprieve. Safaricom, for the first time since inception, didn’t have their network jammed with people calling and sending New Year messages. Church pews were empty and kayambas unshaken. Dance floors had reduced traffic, as did bar counters and cash registers.

President Kibaki and a bunch of hoodlums have left the country bleeding and taken away the praise, worship and celebrations that welcome the New Year. It will take long to heal our wounds, especially of those who’ve lost their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

Kibaki has rubbished the respect he had gained in the five years he’d led the country and revamped our economy. The drama that unfolded on 29th December at the KICC has screaming hints of a presidential tally rigged in his favour. As much as many voted for you on the basis of your track record, we expected you to respect the decision many more had made to opt for promises, and not the work your government had done.

By killing fellow Kenyans, burning homes and looting businesses, hoodlums have helped stifle the democracy they said they were fighting for. The blood of innocent Kenyans has permanently stained your hands. The gains hundreds of businesses had made over the years have been reversed by padlocks broken, windows shattered and fires lit by your very hands. And thanks to you, thousands have nothing but a cold blanket of darkness, fear and uncertainty to cover themselves with at night.

After the 1997 elections were rigged in Moi’s favour, it took the August 7th 1998 bomb blast to unite us as Kenyans. I pray it doesn’t take anything similar to mend the fabric of our unity as Kenyans.

Looking forward, I know God has a mighty plan for Kenya. I believe God appoints leaders, and uses us as vessels to put them in place. All we can do is wait on Him to reveal His mighty plan for us, knowing He that started a wonderful work in us is faithful to bring it to completion.


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