Only in Kenya

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Special Offer of Special Offers

Yours truly stopped at Kabarnet for tea one Sunday morning and found this sign outside what I considered to be Kabarnet's top-of-the-rung high-class restaurant.

In which other country would you attract people to have a meal by promising them a banana?

I love my country.

I never qualified for the free banana but their chapos, when rolled over a sausage, took me back to the joys of primary school.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It Came by Ship Pt 3

Mutahi Kagwe left out one section in the proposed media bill: 'Thou shalt not use English in any form, other than in it's rightful grammatical form in all your publication, electronic or otherwise.'

This screenshot is from the 9pm news on 6th June 2007 on NTV, who take the raspberry for improper use of grammar. Here’s a simple lesson guys: it may be pronounced as ‘am’ but it is written as ‘I’m’.

Oh, and on that day after the KQ crash when you ran the title: ‘Cancelling ongoing for relatives’, please remember that as much as they are pronounced the same, what you used is totally different from ‘counseling’.

You must have been very far from the ship when it docked.