Only in Kenya

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Harambee Stars Shine for Nigeria

They came, they saw, they were conquered.

That is the story of the Super Eagles after their encounter with Harambee Stars Sunday 27th May 2007 at Kasarani. Yes, they hit us 1-0, but as anyone who was in the stadium will tell you, our Stars deserved the loud applause they received at the final whistle.

Even without their international players like Oliech and Mariga, our leading eleven played an impressive game that saw them dominate the first half, half time, and the second half. Their confidence, excellent passes and ball control which included a few chengaring moves that were followed by wild cheering from the fans, showed our Stars truly got game. Gone are the days where we used to just kick the ball and run as fast as possible after it in the direction it went, even if it was out of play. Kenyan soccer can match what you see on SuperSport 3.

In surface area and height, the Eagles covered more ground; but they didn't soar - apart from the one chance they had and made good of. And can't their brothers living in the country cheer... The singing and dancing that came from their fans holding their country's green and white flags in one hand and Tuskers in the other was enough to make anyone feel kimnatho. This didn't shake our Stars though, as they pushed even harder towards the Nigerian goal, overpowering tight defenders and making their goalkeeper earn the number on his jersey.

In the second half, the Eagles started off recharged, but still couldn't black out the shine in our Stars.

Lakini, a match's winner isn't decided by who played best. So Mulee, let's have goals next time, because a ball looks good when being passed skillfully between Stars, but better in the opponent's net.

Monday, May 07, 2007

United as One

There are very few things that unite us as Kenyans: our flag is one, Tusker, Equity Bank and Kenya Airways are the others.

The sight our flag’s livery on the tail of a Boeing parked on an airport’s apron in Europe, Asia or other African country sends a sense of national pride down and through every nerve of a true Kenyan’s body, and is affirmed with a wide smile. Our flag’s colours unite us in a unique way.

Your party, religion or tribe become irrelevant in times like this as we stand united under the black, red, green and white stripes of our flag. United in grief with the families of all occupants, including nine fellow brothers and sisters of KQ 507.

Weeping but endures for a night.

As the huge African sun rises tomorrow, it will be our joy to see a silhouette of a KQ plane rising in the horizon.

The Pride of Africa will rise like a phoenix and soar once again.