Only in Kenya

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kwa Nini?

* Cops will use a breakdown with three bald tyres, no spare, break lights or seat belts, and a spider web cracked windscreen to tow my perfectly functioning car.

* When they get to the stage, all ma3s need only two people before they fill up, however empty they may be.

* When driving, a cop stops you. If you have no makosas, he proceeds to ask for a ride.

* Most 'Fish and Chips' joints don't sell fish.

* The rot at KFF proceeds unabated.

* 100m sprinters practise for months for an event that'll be over in under 10 seconds.

* What makes a Nissan ma3 with big rear tyres that make it look like its constantly going down hill become so fashionable.

* Security guards frisk you using those garett metal detectors, even after it beeping like mad, proceed to let you into the building.

* Why do cops at the airport bother to search my boot. If they found a bomb, what would they do? Do they even know what one looks like unless its written 'bomb'?